Irish Halloween Decorations Haul - TK Maxx Mullingar + Athlone

1 Oct 2015

Here in Ireland the only Halloween decorations that are really avaliable to us are from the Euro Giant (€2 Shop), Dealz and other pound shops as well as some super markets like Tesco's, Dunnes and Supervalu. Well here in the midlands of Ireland anyhow.

I have bought everything I could possibly buy in the pound/euro shops last year and the year before. This year they've put out the very same stuff bar a few odd new things. The sort of Halloween stuff that is available is cheap and kiddy with a mix of some awesome stuff you might hang up all year around.  Same goes for Tesco's and Supervalu which have a lot of costume related things and not so much decorations you can keep up, like I want to do.

Dunnes are probably best out of all those shops for more grown up kind of decorations but they're ridiculously expensive. I saw a plastic candle holder for €25. Eh no thanks.

But then comes the arrival of TK Maxx in Mullingar and not long after in Athlone. I've only ever been to the TK Maxx's in Dublin and don't usually stay very long as its oddly laid out and too busy. But we decided to go have a look and see if there was any nice clothes or shoes. We (Steve and I) ended up finding some really nice stuff including some Vans for himself and Blowfish boots for me. Which sadly I haven't really gotten to wear yet cos the weather is still way too warm. What's happening Ireland?

Then we headed towards the homeware section and I nearly died with excitement. A table of Halloween stuff! But pretty, solid, not so cheap looking Halloween stuff! I was really worried that all the stuff would be expensive but as it turns out they're very reasonably priced! I was delighted and went a bit overboard :P But my excuse is good! I'll be moving into my own place soon and obviously need to decorate it with all this amazing stuff!

Guys, would you just look at the amazingness? Firstly I had no idea TK Maxx did Halloween stuff but it's probably good I didn't know cos I have no idea how I would have gotten all this back from Dublin. Now that there is stores in Mullingar and Athlone, which are both not far from me, everything can be brought back in the car with us.

Everything is just so sleek and perfect for year round decor for my house and not tacky and glittery (not that I don't love that but just not year round). I have no idea how much everything is because they're all packed away at the moment, I think the big skeleton guy could have been about €20, he is super heavy and totally worth the money. Everything else varied, smaller items being about €3.99-€8.99 and medium ones like the skull and bones tray and candle holders being about €12.99 I think. Those are all estimates and some might have been even cheaper or dearer than what I'm saying. Anyhow for the most part everything is well priced and I was so happy with what I got!

That's Steve holding the Skeleton just for size reference. He's got a little bowl at the top to put stuff in. I'm thinking probably sweets? We'll probably hold something else in it though, sorry Steve :P

I have since made another visit to the Mullingar store and bought some more stuff! I know, I have a Halloween problem. But I've packed everything away and have no photos for you! I will of course be putting them out when I'm in my new house and you'll definitely see them all then and I will dedicate a whole post to it.

But I did get some photos of the four items I got in Athlone. I took these photos in Snapchat so apologies for the quality. If you want to follow me on Snapchat, fluffyvw, please do! I follow most peoples back.

I'm dying!!! Snowglobes!!! Halloween, gothy, amazing snowglobes! I had already bought one or two (I've already forgotten what I got!) on the second shop in Mullingar which I don't have photos of but then spotted these in Athlone. I think the snowglobes are about €16.99 and maybe €20 for ones that you can wind up and plays music. The ones I have there is a Gargoyle holding a lantern and it has little bat confetti in it. The second one has those amazing skulls around the base and inside is a graveyard scene with a crow and tree. Again it has the bat confetti!
Then I have the books of spells with the crow on top. Look at that. And a small tombstone with a bat on top.  They're all heavy and well worth the money.

Steve has banned me from visiting anymore :P but anyone who is from Ireland and especially the midlands that wants some awesome spooky decor for their rooms or houses get to TK Maxx now!

I hope you enjoyed this post and sorry I don't have better photos of everything. One of the reasons I haven't blogged in awhile is because it's very hard to take photos of things for this blog. I live in a small space at the moment and anything I've bought I've had to store away for now. But as I mentioned I will be moving soon and will have lots of room but until then I just decided to post what I could as I really enjoy blogging, this time of year especially!

Lots more Halloween related posts to come! ;)


Happy 1st of October! 

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