Who Am I?

Who is Spooky Ash?

My name is Aishling, I'm 25 and from the midlands of Ireland. I live in a small village and even though there isn't much to do here, I do quite like it. I have a boyfriend called Steve who also has his own blog and together we're bringing up our crazy puppy Merle.

My day to day hobbies and likes include: the strange, photography, dinosaurs, beards, I am all about beards, Halloween all day everyday, crying over all the awesome Etsy stuff I cannot afford to buy, dyeing my hair all different colours (although I'm currently growing out my natural hair, lets see how long I last before dying it again :P), Lush baths, learning to DIY, listening to music, watching movies and lots more. I like ALL OF THE THINGS and want to share them with you.

What is Spooky Ash about?

I started photography back in 2006 and have been doing it ever since. I started my Photography Blog not long after and also have a Facebook Photography Page here! I have a fondness for graveyards, ruins and the Irish landscape. About 2 years ago I started up a beauty and lifestyle blog called Sempre Sorres with my sister Kerrie. Not wanting to overflow Sempre Sorres, Spooky Ash is somewhere I can put up all my ramblings without taking over Sempre Sorres. As it belongs to both Kerrie and I, I don't want her posts or posts we've collaborated on getting lost!

What to expect from Spooky Ash.

As I said above there will be lots of ramblings about hauls (that aren't beauty related, those will be on Sempre Sorres), Halloween related awesomeness, movies, music and anything else I can think of! There might even be the odd video! Enjoy! :)

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