Month of Macabre 25 - 31

31 Oct 2014

There is a monthly challenge running on Instagram at the moment called Month of Macabre. Instead of doing it on my instagram I decided it would be a great weekly post for the month of October on this blog. If you are interested in doing it yourself head over to @monthofmacabre on instagram. Tag your posts #monthofmacabre and you're good to go!

Here is the challenge/list:

25. Do The Thriller Dance: 

How about I just link to the song and you can listen to it while reading the rest of this blog? :P I'm boring like that.

26. Favourite Killer Robot: 

27. Scariest Monster: 

There is no monsters really that scares me now as an adult but as a kid I remember being afraid of most horror films. I'm going to go with one I haven't mentioned yet. I remember watching it in a friends house and being terrified after.

Critters! Look at those freaky ass guys. No wonder I was so afraid. A good few years ago I remember watching some of it again and realising that it's actually quite funny. Amazing how scary things seem as a kid but once you've gotten a little older you can see the humour in it.

I haven't seen it in years but need to watch it again. Remember this guy?!

Ug! I was googling for some images and I remembered him! That's some hair.

28. Spookiest Haunted House:

I'm sorry, but there was no better image to include! Haha! :D But seriously The Woman in Black remake is actually quite good. It's a simple ghost story and builds the tension. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. We actually have the original as one of our Halloween movies to watch so I hope it's just as good!

29. Weirdest Horror Movie

As you can see I changed the question because I do not like torture porn one bit. So the weirdest horror movie I've ever seen goes too...

And yes. Those are actual scenes from the movie.

30. Cutest Demon/Possession: 

I don't really know about "cutest" but my favourite possession movie is The Evil Dead.

31. Best Halloween Party Scene: 

Please excuse the "hottest scene ever" title of this video. Obviously uploaded by some teenager in his basement and it was the only full video I could find but anyhow this scene is really great. If you haven't seen the film I would highly recommend watching it first before viewing this party scene as it will spoil it a lot. That's also why I'm linking it and not showing it. I can't even really say anything other than that!

So that's it guys! My Month of Macabre is all finished. To see all previous posts you can click here!

I hope you guys enjoyed and will there be any films mentioned here you'll be watching for Halloween tonight?!

Spooktacular Tag

29 Oct 2014

The Questions:

1. Do you still Trick or Treat, if not, what age did you stop going trick or treating? I think I was starting to get into my teens. It was very depressing but if I could and it didn't seem really weird I would still go trick or treating.

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions? I don't think I've ever been to one that I can think of. But yes I would like to go to some haunted attractions.

3. Favorite Halloween Candy: Nestle Milkybar Ghosts, Milk Chocolate Pumpkins with Smarties inside and Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cups. All above! NOM NOM NOM.

4. Favorite Halloween Movie: I have a few, Hocus Pocus being an obvious one. Trick R Treat is a great Halloween horror movie. The Lost Boys I love to watch around autumn time.

5. Favorite Scary Movie: It's very hard to find an scary movies these days. I'll go with The Thing. Love it so much and still has me on edge when I watch it for the millionth time.

6. Favorite costume you ever wore as a child: I always went as a vampire, haha! But maybe when I changed things up and went as a Banshee. I know there is a photo somewhere but I haven't seen it in along time. I hope it's not lost!

7. First costume you can remember wearing: Vampire, like I mentioned above. Although when I was very young I'm pretty sure I wore one of those cheap kids masks.

8. Favorite Fall Food and Beverage: Do the chocolate things above that I mentioned count as food? And I don't have a favourite beverage specifically for autumn.

9. Do you have a festive background on your phone? The photo above is the background I have on my phone right now. It doesn't look festive to you but it is to me! It was the first of October and I was out with Steve taking photos of the changing Autumn colours.

10. What are you going to dress up as this year? I'm not dressing up this year unfortunately but I would love to. I haven't dressed up right in a long time. I would love to try this Masquerade Flesh Mask tutorial.

11. What would your pet be?  I have a dog called Merle and he's crazy and definitely wouldn't let me dress him up but just recently we got him that awesome Halloween collar in the photo above!

12. What candy do you have left in your stash after you eat everything else? I'd usually always leave the nicest Chocolate til last.

Windowsill in my room

My Halloween projector.

13. Do you decorate your house? Unfortunately I don't have my own house at the moment so it's not decorated but my room is! And if I had a house it would be decorated with Halloween stuff all year round.

14. Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, or Hayrides? I'd love to go to all of them but mainly a pumpkin patch.

15. Going to a Corn Maze, what do you wear? Something comfortable I guess? I've never been! Or maybe dress up and scare people as you meet them.

16. Vampires or Werewolves? That's a hard one as I really like both. I think I would go with Vampires just because the transformation of a Werewolf really looks like it hurts.

17. Do you believe in ghosts? I think so yes but I'm still sceptical. I have yet to see something spooky and unexplained with my own eyes.

Month of Macabre 18 - 24

27 Oct 2014

There is a monthly challenge running on Instagram at the moment called Month of Macabre. Instead of doing it on my instagram I decided it would be a great weekly post for the month of October on this blog. If you are interested in doing it yourself head over to @monthofmacabre on instagram. Tag your posts #monthofmacabre and you're good to go!

Here is the challenge/list:

18. Best Popular Song in a Movie:

G Tom Mac (Gerard McMahon) - Cry Little Sister
The Lost Boys

19. Favourite Halloween Special: 

All of the Community Halloween specials.

20. Most Badass Final Girl:

21. Favourite Director: 

22. Your Horror Collection:

My horror collection is very small but Steve's is very big and excellent! I unfortunately can't take a photo at the moment because we have most of our DVD's stored away. But I do have an old photo from last year.

You can't see them all but you get the idea.

23. Most Awesome One-Liner:

24. Favourite Cursed Object: 


25 Oct 2014

Tremors (1990) on DVD, Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996) on VHS, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection on VHS (2003), Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) on DVD.

My love for Tremors all started when I was at a friend's house who used to live just down the road from me. I was about 8-9. I couldn't have been much older than that and my friend was even younger. We watched it on VHS of course and it was recorded from off the tv. I remember heading home that night and being so terrified that I ran the whole way back being very careful not to run on the grass or any soft ground.

For anyone that doesn't know, Tremors is a B-movie that takes place in an isolated dusty old town called Perfection in Nevada where two handymen named Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) meet a seismologist who has detected strange "Tremors" around the area. Soon after people start getting killed and trapped by the underground creatures that they name "Graboids".

A few years later when I watched it again I realised how silly I was for being so afraid of it. The same thing happened with Critters. I was so terrified of that film but years later watching it I realised it's actually rather funny! It's strange how as a kid you don't pick up on those things. But then there is quite a lot of gore and tension scenes in both those films so viewing that as a kid is bound to leave an impression!

A photo of my copy of the DVD Tremors because I can't find the VHS recording.

I had a tv recording of Tremors for years. I recorded it from the english tv station BBC1 which had no adverts. I had the tape for a long time but couldn't find it for this post. It may have even been taped over. If I do find it in future I will post a photo here though. It wasn't until one night I saw that it was on Network 2 (an Irish channel with lots of adverts) that I realised the BBC version had actually cut some bits of the film! It wasn't super important bits but that's still very annoying. So I'm pretty sure I then recorded it off of Network 2 (stopping it when the ads came on).

It wasn't until some time after I found out it had a sequel! I couldn't believe it and was super excited to watch it! I can't actually remember how I came across it. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the RTE Guide (Irish tv guide) and then I recorded it off the tv like the first one and eventually asked my mammy to get it for me when she'd go shopping to Dublin. I had a nice long list of films I wanted her to get me, haha!

My VHS of Tremors II: Aftershocks
My VHS of Tremors II: Aftershocks

Tremors II: Aftershocks sees the return of Earl (Fred Ward) who goes to help an oil company in Mexico with its Graboid infestation. With the help of Grady Hoover and Burt Gummer (who also returns) they battle not only Graboids but a new terror, Shriekers.

The second Tremors, in my opinion, is just as good as the first. To be honest I love them all equally. They each have something great about them. I have them watched to death and even still remember most of the lines.

My VHS of Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.
My VHS of Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.

Now we move along to Tremors 3 which I also have on VHS. Another video I'm pretty sure my mammy got me. She knew I was a fan! Tremors 3: Back to Perfection pretty much says it all in the title. This time we return with Burt Gummer (who is in every Tremors film) fighting off not only Graboids and Shriekers but another stage of Graboid evolution. They're brilliantly named "Ass-Blasters". I will say this one is way more lighthearted and fun but still great! There are many scenes I could go on about but I don't want to spoil it anymore than I have.

My DVD of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.

Again it was my mammy who bought me, this time, the DVD of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. The prequel set in 1889. Once again starring Michael Gross who plays Burt Gummer in all the rest of the films but this time he plays Hirman Gummer, Burt Gummer's ancestor who arrives at Rejection, Nevada to investigate why work has stopped at his mine and of course Graboids are the main problem. I will say this one isn't the best of the bunch but it's still fun and stars Billy Drago who is seriously creepy.

I don't know how it was that I ended up with the 1st and 4th ones on DVD but the 2nd and 3rd on VHS. I guess at the time they were pretty hard to come by. Now though you can get them on Blu-Ray which I will have to get soon.

I should also mention that there was a Tremors tv series which didn't last very long. At the time it was incredibly hard to find it and I don't even know how I managed to see 2 episodes. And I also just realised Dean Norris is in it! Most people will know him as Hank in Breaking Bad. You can buy the series here but it's a US import so you can't play it over here without a region free DVD player. I'm sure you could find it to download though, which is what I'll be doing.

Latest news about Tremors is they're making a 5th one! It's going to be set in Africa and yet again sees the return of Burt. I'm extremely excited and can't wait to see it!

This was for Halloween but I'd dress like that all the time if I could to be honest.

And lasty, FrightRags do some amazing horror related t-shirts and as soon as I saw they were doing a Tremors one I had to have it.

I mean, just look at it! I love it very much. Unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore but keep an eye out as they do sometimes bring things back from the graveyard.

Any Tremors fans out there right now reading this? Comment and let me know cos I'd love to hear from you! I don't know many Tremors fans.

And even if you're not a fan, let me know if you're going to check them out cos you really should!

Thanks for reading guys!
Lots more posts like this to come so keep watching!

Month of Macabre 08 - 17

22 Oct 2014

There is a monthly challenge running on Instagram at the moment called Month of Macabre. Instead of doing it on my instagram I decided it would be a great weekly post for the month of October on this blog. If you are interested in doing it yourself head over to @monthofmacabre on instagram. Tag your posts #monthofmacabre and you're good to go!

Here is the challenge/list:

08. Freakiest Circus/Sideshow: 

Look at the freak.

I wasn't sure if this was freakiest circus/sideshow in movies or in real life. But I'm going with real life because I cannot think of a circus related horror film. The question should have been freakiest clown :P

I unfortunately do not have any photos to go along with this either so I'll just put a photo of Pennywise up there because we all love him.  So my story begins with my whole family (parents and sister) heading off to a crappy local circus. We go into the tent where a show is put on and to be honest I do not remember what happened besides the freaky ass clown that went around the crowd picking people to join them (and eat their soul) on stage to play some games. And of course, of course, my daddy gets picked to go on stage. Oh the joy. Luckily he didn't get eaten and I think, maybe, his soul is still intact. Now I wouldn't go as far to say I have a phobia of clowns, I would much rather be in a room full of clowns than spiders but clowns still make me feel uneasy. Something about not being able to see what they really look like behind all the makeup. And they have to look like actual clowns. I realised this after hearing so much buzz about the clown in the new season of American Horror Story. He does not scare me in the slightest mainly because they tried way too hard and he doesn't look like a clown to me. Pennywise will always win over Twisty or whatever his name is. Anyhow, that's my story. So very boring right?

OH and look Christopher Walken as a clown.

If that doesn't have you running scared, that clown behind you will.

09. Favourite Ghost: 

This was a hard one because Steve said I should go with the ghosts in The Frighteners cos I like them but I wanted to pick the ghost witch in ParaNorman so I'm going with both of them!

I seen The Frighteners on TV years ago and loved it instantly. I can't really talk much about the main killer reaper style ghost without giving it away but he would be my favourite from it I think...

It's directed by Peter Jackson so that's why the reaper looks very awesome looking.
..Along with the dog that keeps stealing The Judge's bones. I couldn't find a gif of that which is very depressing but here's a photo of The Judge. 

And lastly you have the two main sidekicks of the movie, Stuart and Cyrus!

If you're a fan of the mystery supernatural films this is definitely one you should see! 

Paranorman is one of the best stop motion films I've ever seen. It's about a boy who can see ghosts and some zombies get raised from the dead and he must stop the witch's curse before it destroys his town. 

The witch is the ghost that I love so much in this film. I don't want to actually give too much away or even post a photo because I feel for anyone who's yet to watch it, it will be ruined on them but it's excellent and very sad. Go watch it now! 

10. Best Dracula:

I watched Nosferatu with Steve not long ago. A lot of the copies of the films were destroyed but one made it through and it's amazing. I also think the original music was also lost so there are a few Nosferatu's out there with different music. The one we watched had this amazing industrial metal sound. It's from 1989 and fits it so wonderfully. 

11. Coolest Transformation:

"If I was an imitation, a perfect imitation, how would you know if it was really me?"

12. Best Zombie Franchise: 
Changing to favourite Zombie Film:

13. Favourite Friday The 13th Moment: 

I've only actually seen the first Friday The 13th and it was awhile ago and all I remember is Kevin Bacon! Ha! He did have a great death though. The photo above was in a gallery for Footloose. I don't remember Footloose being that violent. Oh wait, the chicken scene with tractors was rather horrific.

14. Favourite Freddy Moment: 

Tina being stabbed and flung about the place in the first movie.

15. Biggest Crush:

16. Guilty Pleasure Movie:

I don't have many guilty pleasure horror movies but Tremors did come to mind as it's more of a B-movie. It's so good though and I love it and its many sequels! I hear there is going to be a fifth one! YAY! :D I think I may have to do a Tremors blog post dedicated to it as I'm a huge fan. So keep an eye out for that!

17. Ugliest Alien:

Slither is so very icky. Those slugs and what Michael Rooker changes into is just yucky.

That's all for now! I will have another up soon! :D

Thanks for reading and let me know what your answers would be!