Halloween Etsy Finds #1

2 Oct 2014

The time is upon us! It is Halloween month! YAY! I usually do Etsy Finds on Sempre Sorres (beauty/fashion blog I run with my sister) but decided to do a very special Etsy Finds here on my Spooky Ash blog! First up is some amazing Halloween related decorations, house decor and anything that isn't jewellery, that will be for my next post. I found so many awesome Halloween related stuff I ended up having to do two parts! :D Part II will be up tomorrow!

For now, please enjoy the spooky items I picked for your home!

Ouiji Board Pillow Case Set | Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz Pillow Case Set
Ghoul Girls Pillow Case Set | Morticia and Gomez Addams Pillow Case Set

All of these pillows are available from Totalchaosbootique on Etsy.
I seriously want every single pillow in that shop!

(2016 edit: This shop seems to be closed now. Boo!!)

This Witch's Brew Mug is just perfect not only for Halloween but all year around! :D

What better to go along with your mug that this amazing Frankenstein Monster and Bride of Frankenstein Tea Pot! I want it now!

This set of Poison Sticker Set would be amazing for a haunted house themed Halloween or for simply playing a trick on your family or loved one/s! :D

You can find Halloween Garlands all over Etsy and even in shops around Halloween time so you have no excuse not to get one! They really add something to a bare wall or over a door or entrance! I had to pick this cute bat garland though! I just love bats!

Not only does this show your love for Halloween but also your incredible music taste ;)

I've probably missed lots and lots of amazing Halloween decor but you can always search Etsy yourself and see what you can find! It's super awesome. 

Be sure to stick around and I'll soon have Part II up! 

Thanks for reading/looking! 

P.S. I have an Autumn Etsy Finds up on Sempre Sorres! Go check it out if you're an Autumn lover!

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