Spooky Halloween Soundtrack: Dead Man's Bones

12 Oct 2014

I can't remember how it was I came across Dead Man's Bones but when I first heard them I couldn't believe that was Ryan Gosling's voice. I heard them long before he was in films like DriveOnly God Forgives and The Place Beyond The Pines. I only knew him from The Notebook and as Hollywood's latest heartthrob. I did not think he could produce music like this.

Of course he wasn't alone. He started up Dead Man's Bones with friend Zach Shields. When they met, they actually hated each other but eventually found out they both shared a love for the creepy and macabre. They both put together their love of Horror and created the amazing and eerie "Dead Man's Bones".  Straight away I loved it and it has become one of my favourite albums to listen to around Halloween time. If I make a playlist you can be sure they'll be on it.

I should also mention the amazing choir that are also featured throughout the album, Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. Now I have to admit, having a choir on an album doesn't sound very appealing to me but this works very well and I urge you to give it a listen even if it puts you off.

All the songs have a spooky element as they decided to write love songs about ghosts and monsters. "In The Room Where You Sleep", "My Body's A Zombie For You" and "Buried In Water" being some of my favourites.

In The Room Where You Sleep (Live)

"There's something in the shadows
in the corner of your room.
A dark heart is beating
and waiting for you.
There is no open window, but the floors still creek.
In the room where you sleep.
In the room where you sleep…
Where you… sleep."

My Body's A Zombie For You

"The smell of my breath
From the blood in your neck
Oh, I hold my soul
From the lands unknown
So I can play the strings of your death"

Buried In Water

"When the women and kids are asleep
The wolves there, in the skin of the sheep
So lock all the windows and doors
The devil's coming for you and yours."

Name In Stone
(Live from a Graveyard)

"In the end we'll make a home
A name in stone
A name in stone
In the end we'll make our home
A name in stone
Your name in stone."

That last song "Name in Stone" isn't actually on the album for whatever silly reason! It's a wonderful song and that video is just perfect.

I didn't think there was anything about a new album until I saw this tumblr post. I can't seem to find any official news though. And I do wonder if it's false, especially because the date is June of this year and well, there is nothing out so far! All news about it is from last year as well... We can only hope!

I will leave you with a link to the whole album on YouTube. Be sure to give it a listen in full as it's wonderful. It's not all doom and gloomy I should mention and you should know if you listened to the songs above. It's great for those raining autumns days, yes, but also for those sunny crisp autumn days!

I hope you enjoyed reading and listening to this post! I should have some more Spooky Halloween Soundtrack's very soon! Make sure you're following me on Bloglovin or here on Blogger for updates on my blog!

Until next time...

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