Some Changes + Vlogtober 2016!

14 Nov 2016

So, I'm not too sure if you guys have noticed but I've changed my name! I was Spooky Ash but I'm now going with my real name Aishling O'Neill. I've thought about this for awhile and I think it just makes things a bit simpler and joins things up with my Photography Blog and Facebook, this way when my name is searched you'll find me in all places! I just wanted to make it a bit handier and clearer as to who I am! I hope it doesn't cause too much confusion but I doubt it will because I have such a small following! So it's the perfect time to do it really! :D Oh and I'm very much still "spooky" and will have lots of "spooky" related posts coming, that hasn't changed ;)

I can now be found at
Twitter: @AishlingO_Neill
Instagram: @AishlingO_Neill

That's the site names I've changed so far and places I'm most active.

I haven't posted on my blog for quite sometime because at the beginning of the year I was extremely unwell with anxiety. It's something I might discuss in future, in a YouTube video maybe but for now I'm focusing on feeling better, enjoying it and YouTubing loads. You may not have known but I actually have been posting lots of YouTube videos over the last couple of months.

Today I thought I'd share with you my Vlogtober playlist! Yes that's right, I actually vlogged everyday in October! I actually did it! And it was actually quite fun! I would really appreciate if you guys could check it out and give me your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think! I talk and show all sorts in the videos so if you want to know more about me it's the place to go!

I also have lots more videos on there and will share them in another blog post soon. Until then you can check them out here.

It's good to be back blogging again and I'm having so much fun with YouTube. If you have a YouTube yourself please do link it below or if you're thinking of starting one let me know too!

Thanks, as always :)

Spooky Box Club: Haunted Library Unboxing

11 Nov 2016

I'm back with a Spooky Box Club unboxing and just like all the others, this one did not disappoint!
This one is called the Haunted Library box and I was super excited to see what book related items would be included. Too learn more about Spooky Box Club I'll link you back to this post where I explain all about it and how to get good shipping to Ireland.

Anyhow onto the goodies!
You can watch the video here as I open everything and get all the surprises! Or you can keep scrolling to see photos of all the items.

First up is this amazing stamp that says "This Book Belongs To..." and you can write your name or whatever you like in the blank space. The detail is just so lovely and it's really a big stamper as well! It's not little and has a lovely wooden handle. I do have ink somewhere so I must see if I can use it!

"Once Upon A Midnight Dreary" patch with a little raven on the side. This is just too cute and again its a really good size and can be used as a back patch! Can't wait to sew this onto something!

They included a pin in every box and this box's one is an amazing Ghost Stories book pin! I just love it so much and will be wearing it all the time! So spooky!

This glow in the dark ghost bookmark is just too cute and super handy! I already have him making the pages of the book I'm reading (Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children).

There wasn't one, or two but THREE amazing pillow cases in this box! I was so surprised and delighted with them! I can't wait to get pillows for them!

A cute lil print! I have so many prints from these boxes now and I badly need to get frames for them all!

Another surprising thing added to this box was tea! I really wasn't expecting tea but what a great thing to add! And it smells super amazing!

Also included was the usual lollipop that Steve claimed and ate! It was very tasty!

Overall I'm super happy with this box and there's nothing that won't get used. As always its just such a fantastic subscription box and I already can't wait for the next one!

Just to remind you again I speak more about it here in this blog post and give a bit more info about it and shipping to Ireland.

What was your favourite item in this box? Do you think you'll be subscribing?! The next box is the Voodoo box and I just can't wait for it and will have a video and blog post all about it for sure! 

Thanks so much for reading and watching the video if you did! I would really appreciate if you subscribed!