Some Changes + Vlogtober 2016!

14 Nov 2016

So, I'm not too sure if you guys have noticed but I've changed my name! I was Spooky Ash but I'm now going with my real name Aishling O'Neill. I've thought about this for awhile and I think it just makes things a bit simpler and joins things up with my Photography Blog and Facebook, this way when my name is searched you'll find me in all places! I just wanted to make it a bit handier and clearer as to who I am! I hope it doesn't cause too much confusion but I doubt it will because I have such a small following! So it's the perfect time to do it really! :D Oh and I'm very much still "spooky" and will have lots of "spooky" related posts coming, that hasn't changed ;)

I can now be found at
Twitter: @AishlingO_Neill
Instagram: @AishlingO_Neill

That's the site names I've changed so far and places I'm most active.

I haven't posted on my blog for quite sometime because at the beginning of the year I was extremely unwell with anxiety. It's something I might discuss in future, in a YouTube video maybe but for now I'm focusing on feeling better, enjoying it and YouTubing loads. You may not have known but I actually have been posting lots of YouTube videos over the last couple of months.

Today I thought I'd share with you my Vlogtober playlist! Yes that's right, I actually vlogged everyday in October! I actually did it! And it was actually quite fun! I would really appreciate if you guys could check it out and give me your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think! I talk and show all sorts in the videos so if you want to know more about me it's the place to go!

I also have lots more videos on there and will share them in another blog post soon. Until then you can check them out here.

It's good to be back blogging again and I'm having so much fun with YouTube. If you have a YouTube yourself please do link it below or if you're thinking of starting one let me know too!

Thanks, as always :)

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