Spooky Box Club Unboxings

29 May 2017

I've done some Spooky Box Club unboxings in blog posts before but fell behind with letting you guys know about them here. Since the last box I posted about (The Haunted Library box), I have filmed a good few videos and thought I'd share them here with you! I have a playlist on YouTube where you can watch each video one after the other but below I've posted each video with a little bit of info under each video so you know what to expect and can pick and choose which video you might want to watch if you don't want to watch them all! I recommend watching them all though obviously :P

Also if you're in Ireland and are thinking of subscribing I recommend reading this blog post of mine about how to use Address Pal and get cheaper shipping this way.

The Voodoo Box

First up we have The Voodoo box! A cute voodoo doll, an awesome green voodoo necklace, one of my favourite patches we've gotten so far and some other cool items!

Blood Moon Box

I love my makeup in this video and really need to do it like this again! Hehe! Apparently I had already filmed this and didn't like it so redone it even though I have no memory of doing that! I was unwell with a flu around that time though it seems. I'm glad I don't remember so haha! Anyhow inside we had a sticky choker, smelly tea, a beautiful crescent moon sticker and print, a great quality necklace and some more great items! It was a good box.

Urban Gothic

You can obviously see I was doing the makeup challenge when I filmed this video hehe! :D This box had a lot of black but I'm not complaining! It had a really nice tumbler for drinks, a great witchy patch, a batty hand sanitizer bottle, one of the best pins of all time and more!

Spirits and Spells

Around this time Spooky Box fell behind with boxes. I think sometimes they have to wait for handmade items and it delays them sometimes. Anyhow this time we actually got two boxes together. The first one was the Spirits and Spells and the second was the Dead Cute box which is posted below! Anyhow in this box we got a spooky mug, some really nice incense, a witchy dainty necklace, a broomstick pin of awesomeness and a couple more great items!

Dead Cute

In the Dead Cute box we got one of the best makeup bags of all time, a very cool hairband, a weird pin, a super cute charm and some other fun kawaii bits!

Memento Mori

The latest box I've received was the Memento Mori one and while it did have some good items, it did feel emptier than others and didn't really have a main item. The stand out things for me where the pin, brooch and Tim Burton style patch!

The next box should be sent out soon and I will be doing a video as soon as I receive it so be sure to be subscribed to my YouTube for updates!

What has been one of your favourite items in all the boxes so far? Will you be signing up yourself? Let me know and thanks for reading!

The Lipstick Loving Nurse 30 Day Make-up Challenge: Week 2

28 May 2017

I've been neglecting my blog far too much. But too be fair I have been making a lot of YouTube videos which you can watch here! I will have more blog posts to come about those though.

I thought I would finish what I started. The Lipstick Loving Nurse's 30 Day Make Up Challenge ended some time ago but I had so much fun doing them I didn't want to miss doing a blog post showing you guys the finished looks. This was the second week of themes. I will try and give as much info as I can but honestly I've kinda forgotten some of the products used etc. I also stopped taking photos of the products I used because honestly I just forgot to do it at the time plus it was just too much energy after I used all my spoons (Fibromyalgia sufferer!) on doing my makeup! I also don't have the energy to even write out everything I used. Ah the joys of having a foggy brain.

(If there is anything you would like to know about what I'm wearing though don't be afraid to ask because I should have an idea what it is, I just don't have the brain to list every single one right now!)

Day 8 - Raver

I googled some photos of 90s Ravers and they either didn't wear a lot of makeup or wear a lot of colour and glitter! So I done my foundation, lightly filled my brows, no contour just a bit of blush, blue eyeshadow all over my eye and in the crease with some glittery purple along my lashline and lots of glitter in the inner corner, brow bone and top of cheeks! It's kind of 80s so I thought adding the tattoo choker along with my lil buns in my hair made it a bit more 90s! Oh and lips is Limecrime's purple Velvetine in Rave! I thought it fit well! So pretty and bright! I done everything quick and not to perfect as most ravers didn't apply everything perfectly and it was quite messy!

This is also the only look where I took a pick of the makeup I used! If you would like to know more details just comment below! 

Day 9 - Cartoon

I seen looks like this comic cartoon makeup around the internet so much. It's a very popular look to recreate so I had to give it a go! It was ridiculously hard to get a good photo of it though! It was so much fun and I really need to try and do this again sometime.

Day 10 - Sunset

This look ended up being a bit more fiery looking than I would have liked but I do love how it turned out. I should have added a bit more pink to lighten it up more.  I'm pretty sure I used the Venus palette from Limecrime and Buttercup eyeshadow from Sugarpill!

Day 11 - Kawaii

I never get to use this glittery ears enough! This was so much fun and I think everyone should glue confetti to their faces all the time. I went for the kawaii-est (cutest) look I could think of, lots of pastel colours, glitter, confetti and lightly coloured lips! So Kawaii! :D

Day 12 - Rainbow

I think this one may have been my favourite of all the look I done. It was honestly the easiest thing to do (literally just pick a colour and put it on your face, blend into the next and repeat!) but the most effective look. I wish I could wear this all the time! I used some Sugarpill and then mainly the Electric palette from Urban Decay I think! I used ALL the colours :D

Day 13 - 1990s

Grungy and awesome, pretty much how I want to look all the time! I have literally no idea what products I used haha! :D 

Day 14 - Black and White

I know I followed a tutorial of this off YouTube but I cannot find it now. If I eventually do I'll link it. But this was another comic book/graphic novel style look that I was really happy with. I have included the original picture along with the black and white cos the actual black and white picture works a lot better but I also wanted you to be able to see the original.

I will have week 3 up... sometime haha! I promise it will come soon! I will try my best and put some effort into blogging some more. I get a bit caught up in it to look and be perfect but I honestly don't have the time or energy for that so I'll just be doing my best from now on!

Which look was your favourite?! What to recreate any of them?! I honestly want to try them all again!

Thanks for reading!