Month of Macabre 18 - 24

27 Oct 2014

There is a monthly challenge running on Instagram at the moment called Month of Macabre. Instead of doing it on my instagram I decided it would be a great weekly post for the month of October on this blog. If you are interested in doing it yourself head over to @monthofmacabre on instagram. Tag your posts #monthofmacabre and you're good to go!

Here is the challenge/list:

18. Best Popular Song in a Movie:

G Tom Mac (Gerard McMahon) - Cry Little Sister
The Lost Boys

19. Favourite Halloween Special: 

All of the Community Halloween specials.

20. Most Badass Final Girl:

21. Favourite Director: 

22. Your Horror Collection:

My horror collection is very small but Steve's is very big and excellent! I unfortunately can't take a photo at the moment because we have most of our DVD's stored away. But I do have an old photo from last year.

You can't see them all but you get the idea.

23. Most Awesome One-Liner:

24. Favourite Cursed Object: 

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