Month of Macabre 08 - 17

22 Oct 2014

There is a monthly challenge running on Instagram at the moment called Month of Macabre. Instead of doing it on my instagram I decided it would be a great weekly post for the month of October on this blog. If you are interested in doing it yourself head over to @monthofmacabre on instagram. Tag your posts #monthofmacabre and you're good to go!

Here is the challenge/list:

08. Freakiest Circus/Sideshow: 

Look at the freak.

I wasn't sure if this was freakiest circus/sideshow in movies or in real life. But I'm going with real life because I cannot think of a circus related horror film. The question should have been freakiest clown :P

I unfortunately do not have any photos to go along with this either so I'll just put a photo of Pennywise up there because we all love him.  So my story begins with my whole family (parents and sister) heading off to a crappy local circus. We go into the tent where a show is put on and to be honest I do not remember what happened besides the freaky ass clown that went around the crowd picking people to join them (and eat their soul) on stage to play some games. And of course, of course, my daddy gets picked to go on stage. Oh the joy. Luckily he didn't get eaten and I think, maybe, his soul is still intact. Now I wouldn't go as far to say I have a phobia of clowns, I would much rather be in a room full of clowns than spiders but clowns still make me feel uneasy. Something about not being able to see what they really look like behind all the makeup. And they have to look like actual clowns. I realised this after hearing so much buzz about the clown in the new season of American Horror Story. He does not scare me in the slightest mainly because they tried way too hard and he doesn't look like a clown to me. Pennywise will always win over Twisty or whatever his name is. Anyhow, that's my story. So very boring right?

OH and look Christopher Walken as a clown.

If that doesn't have you running scared, that clown behind you will.

09. Favourite Ghost: 

This was a hard one because Steve said I should go with the ghosts in The Frighteners cos I like them but I wanted to pick the ghost witch in ParaNorman so I'm going with both of them!

I seen The Frighteners on TV years ago and loved it instantly. I can't really talk much about the main killer reaper style ghost without giving it away but he would be my favourite from it I think...

It's directed by Peter Jackson so that's why the reaper looks very awesome looking.
..Along with the dog that keeps stealing The Judge's bones. I couldn't find a gif of that which is very depressing but here's a photo of The Judge. 

And lastly you have the two main sidekicks of the movie, Stuart and Cyrus!

If you're a fan of the mystery supernatural films this is definitely one you should see! 

Paranorman is one of the best stop motion films I've ever seen. It's about a boy who can see ghosts and some zombies get raised from the dead and he must stop the witch's curse before it destroys his town. 

The witch is the ghost that I love so much in this film. I don't want to actually give too much away or even post a photo because I feel for anyone who's yet to watch it, it will be ruined on them but it's excellent and very sad. Go watch it now! 

10. Best Dracula:

I watched Nosferatu with Steve not long ago. A lot of the copies of the films were destroyed but one made it through and it's amazing. I also think the original music was also lost so there are a few Nosferatu's out there with different music. The one we watched had this amazing industrial metal sound. It's from 1989 and fits it so wonderfully. 

11. Coolest Transformation:

"If I was an imitation, a perfect imitation, how would you know if it was really me?"

12. Best Zombie Franchise: 
Changing to favourite Zombie Film:

13. Favourite Friday The 13th Moment: 

I've only actually seen the first Friday The 13th and it was awhile ago and all I remember is Kevin Bacon! Ha! He did have a great death though. The photo above was in a gallery for Footloose. I don't remember Footloose being that violent. Oh wait, the chicken scene with tractors was rather horrific.

14. Favourite Freddy Moment: 

Tina being stabbed and flung about the place in the first movie.

15. Biggest Crush:

16. Guilty Pleasure Movie:

I don't have many guilty pleasure horror movies but Tremors did come to mind as it's more of a B-movie. It's so good though and I love it and its many sequels! I hear there is going to be a fifth one! YAY! :D I think I may have to do a Tremors blog post dedicated to it as I'm a huge fan. So keep an eye out for that!

17. Ugliest Alien:

Slither is so very icky. Those slugs and what Michael Rooker changes into is just yucky.

That's all for now! I will have another up soon! :D

Thanks for reading and let me know what your answers would be!

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