Month of Macabre 25 - 31

31 Oct 2014

There is a monthly challenge running on Instagram at the moment called Month of Macabre. Instead of doing it on my instagram I decided it would be a great weekly post for the month of October on this blog. If you are interested in doing it yourself head over to @monthofmacabre on instagram. Tag your posts #monthofmacabre and you're good to go!

Here is the challenge/list:

25. Do The Thriller Dance: 

How about I just link to the song and you can listen to it while reading the rest of this blog? :P I'm boring like that.

26. Favourite Killer Robot: 

27. Scariest Monster: 

There is no monsters really that scares me now as an adult but as a kid I remember being afraid of most horror films. I'm going to go with one I haven't mentioned yet. I remember watching it in a friends house and being terrified after.

Critters! Look at those freaky ass guys. No wonder I was so afraid. A good few years ago I remember watching some of it again and realising that it's actually quite funny. Amazing how scary things seem as a kid but once you've gotten a little older you can see the humour in it.

I haven't seen it in years but need to watch it again. Remember this guy?!

Ug! I was googling for some images and I remembered him! That's some hair.

28. Spookiest Haunted House:

I'm sorry, but there was no better image to include! Haha! :D But seriously The Woman in Black remake is actually quite good. It's a simple ghost story and builds the tension. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. We actually have the original as one of our Halloween movies to watch so I hope it's just as good!

29. Weirdest Horror Movie

As you can see I changed the question because I do not like torture porn one bit. So the weirdest horror movie I've ever seen goes too...

And yes. Those are actual scenes from the movie.

30. Cutest Demon/Possession: 

I don't really know about "cutest" but my favourite possession movie is The Evil Dead.

31. Best Halloween Party Scene: 

Please excuse the "hottest scene ever" title of this video. Obviously uploaded by some teenager in his basement and it was the only full video I could find but anyhow this scene is really great. If you haven't seen the film I would highly recommend watching it first before viewing this party scene as it will spoil it a lot. That's also why I'm linking it and not showing it. I can't even really say anything other than that!

So that's it guys! My Month of Macabre is all finished. To see all previous posts you can click here!

I hope you guys enjoyed and will there be any films mentioned here you'll be watching for Halloween tonight?!

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