Alternative Curves: Time Travel - It's Obviously a 1977 Original Punk Rock Look

1 Jan 2015

I'm unfortunately late with my Alternative Curves post this month but still wanted to post it! I've been sick most of December so hopefully I'll be on time with this months theme (Riot Grrrl Heroines!!)

So my look for this months theme, which is "Time Travel" is a 1970's punk inspired look (I also got to sneak in Enid's quote!) I didn't do a super great job of it but I do like the outfit I ended up with. Please excuse the horrible horrible lighting in these photos. I wanted to use my DSLR to take photos but here in Ireland the weather is horrendous and is dark all day! Damn you winter! I used my iphone instead to make things easier so I hope the quality isn't too bad.

I looked up as much as I could about punk fashion and looks in the 1970's and ended up realising there was a lot of punk looks going around at the time. There was traditional punks (mohawks, pins, studs, patched jackets, doc martens etc.) along with the likes of The Ramones who had a simple punk look of jeans, a band t-shirt and a leather jacket and then bands like Siouxsie and The Banshees with very striking and sometime very colourful makeup and clothes. Very sharp edgy eyeliner seemed to be very popular at the time too. So with all of that in mind, I came up with my look!

So to start things off, as you can already see, I have a mohawk! A lovely green mohawk which is actually just a bit too long to stick right up so I just hairsprayed it a bit so it wasn't super flat. I also choose this spiked choker which I got on ebay for super super cheap! I'm pretty sure it was about €1! With my earrings I decided to pick two different ones for each ear. The one you see the most is the cross and in the other is a dangly skeleton.

For my eyes I went for a more of a colourful Siouxsie and The Banshees look. Well, the best that I could anyhow! I used an eyeshadow palette with tons of different colours. You can get those palettes on ebay for super cheap! That's where I got mine. I really love how this turned out and will be doing it again for sure. I used sellotape to get those sharp corners and I think sharp corners are important with this look.

My purple lipstick is by Makeup Revolution.

The spiked bracelet on the right I got on ebay as well for super cheap along with the bone bracelet. The ones on the left, I got The Damned snappy bracelet at their gig back in 2012 and the spiked one is from Penneys/Primark.

Now onto the outfit itself! I went for simple black jeans, The Damned t-shirt, a purple tartan shirt I cut the arms off, my boyfriend's leather jacket and my awesome purple doc martens (which are coming off a little bit on the pink side in that last photo but are definitely more purple in real life!)

I would have liked to have had more patches and pins but I didn't want to put holes in my boyfriend's leather jacket and I'm also going to be patching that shirt in future. I'll be even more 1970's punk then! ;)

I'm happy with how this ended up and can't wait to think up some ideas for this months theme! Thanks to Steve for taking all the photos!

If you're interested in doing Alternative Curves yourself you can view their Facebook group here for updates or you can follow them on Alternative Curves Instagram.

Thanks for reading! :)

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