Day In The Life #1

8 Jan 2015

I took some random shots with my iPhone that I thought I would share! Kind of a day in the life I guess, plus I'm currently doing the 365 photo challenge which is: take a photo everyday for a year and I ended up getting a few extra photos this day and wanted to show them :P My first post about my 365 project will be up soon so keep an eye out!

I've been having too much fun with the Time Lapse setting on my iPhone! This video is of us (Steve and I) travelling from Kilglass graveyard to Foxhall graveyard in Legan, Co. Longford and I love how they turn out! I really need to get some kind of phone holder or tripod because my hand and arm was killing me holding the iPhone!

I thought that taking a photo of my boots with some foliage would be a good idea until I realised that cone looks like a poo! Hahaha! :D I do love my boots though! Very awesome purple Doc Martens.

A photo of Kilglass graveyard when we were visiting my Grandads grave.

We then went to Nana's for some dinner and leftover Christmas crackers that needed pulling! I got this super cute pink glitter comb!

They obviously have the best jokes in crackers.

Some of the neighbour's cows in the evening sun.

Kerrie (my sister, our beauty blog) and our cousin Daniel out looking for snails and heading over to look at the cows! :)

The evening sun, shining down the road. It may have looked like a lovely day but it was freezing! I had fun taking photos though!

I did leave out a photo I took this same day which I will include in my 365 post! Watch this space for it! :)

Thanks for reading/looking!

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