ASOS Ghost Leggings - Halloween Lookbook #1

13 Oct 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And all the good clothing sites have their Halloween stock in. I have bought loads and will have some outfits posts about them in future but today's post is all about ASOS's wonderful Ghost Leggings! I'm going to have 3 blog posts all about styling these leggings! You can see all the looks in the video lookbook at the end of this post :)

Aren't they just awesome? I seen ghost leggings on ASOS last year and the year before but never purchased, probably because I didn't have the money but this year I wasn't going to miss out! I didn't wait for a sale or anything because I know they do sell out fast coming close to Halloween. €25 does seem like an awful lot for a pair of leggings but being so unusual as well as good quality, I think they're worth it!

I paired them with this amazing Halloween jumper I've had for awhile now and haven't gotten the chance to wear yet. I'm pretty sure I also bought this on ASOS for about €8 on sale! My friend Rachel let me know about it (Thanks Rachel! :D) and of course for that cheap I had to buy it! I don't think it's available onsite anymore as it was old stock. Sorry guys! It's a size "medium" so it's a little tight. Fits like a 16-18UK I would say.

My choker I actually made myself. I bought a pack of 5 tattoo chokers for like €1 on Aliexpress and then last year I found some Halloween loom band charms for cheap and decided I could make necklaces or something out of them instead of actually using them for loom bands. It's a little RIP tombstone and so cute!

My boots are Doc Martens I bought second hand a few years ago and wear them so much especially coming into the colder weather. (Even though here in Ireland it's still so warm and mild, WTF Ireland!)

The one amazing thing about these leggings, especially if you're plus sized, is that the sizes are huge! I'm a size 18-20UK mostly and the leggings are only available up to 18 which I bought and actually had to return because they were so big! I say they would definitely fit sizes 22, 24, 26UK. I returned the 18 and got a 16 which is still actually a little too big for me! I say a 14 would have been perfect. So size down if you're any smaller than me. Size down a lot! I however was happy with the 16 as they're very comfortable! And if I do manage to catch the 14 on sale later in the month I'll buy a second pair ;)

And lastly my cute little ghost earrings that I got in Claires Accessories! The other ghost actually has 3 eyes haha! Of course I had to get them :P

I also got Steve to film some clips of all three outfits which I made into a YouTube video that you can watch here. Even though my editing software is just horrible I do like how it turned out in the end. The only audio is birds singing which I recorded while we were there in the graveyard. I searched the internet for free music to play over it but could find nothing fitting so then I thought why not just play your own music over it or you could play one of these that I have picked, that all go super well with the video!

Ghost - If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson Cover)
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound
Roky Erickson - Night of the Vampire

Outfit 2 will be up tomorrow!

See anything you like? Will you be buying yourself some Ghost Leggings?!
Thanks for reading, looking and watching! :D

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