Subvision - Music Monday

12 Oct 2015

I just randomly decided to start this weekly post because I'm listening to Subvision right now and they're my new favourite thing. I'm obsessed you guys, OBSESSED.

Subvision was recommended to me by Spotify. I've really been enjoying Spotify for that reason, it gives such good recommendations from time to time. I have not been enjoying the terrible ads though but I refuse to pay the monies :P

Spotify recommended "Scenario" from the album "So Far So Noir" (best name), as soon as we (Steve and I) heard the song it sounded very like another band I've been obsessed with lately. One I've been listening to non-stop on Spotify so that explains why it was recommended to me. Why am I not telling you the other band I was listening to? Because said band likes to keep their identity secret and the lead singer of Subvision is so obviously him. I was kinda annoyed I found out because I like not knowing and I don't want to spoil it on anyone. But if you've heard the other band and listen to these you'll know. I should note that there is rumours on the internet about his identity and it is rumoured that he is the lead of this band but it's not actually official. I'm just guessing but, like, there is no way it's not him :P It would be a very big coincidence.

Anyhow enough about all the secrecy. Google it if you wanna know. I'll more than definitely be featuring the other band in this series at some point. Also don't expect me to write amazing reviews of these bands or artists I'll be showing you cos I'm not good at that! I mostly think "That sounds good" "That sounds awesome" "*brain explodes*" "*internal screaming*" "No words just listen" "play that again".

Spotify tell me that Subvision have two EP's which I have yet to listen to and then the amazing album "So Far So Noir". They're from Stockholm and I have no idea if they're still active? This album came out in 2006. Anyhow they sound very New Wave-ish to me. I could be totally wrong but it's very pop/rock/alternative/weird anyhow. Goddamn labels!

I was like "oh I'll pick some of my favourite songs from the album" eh I can't even pick one cos they're all so good. Ok I'll try and pick three and then you can go listen to the album cos really you should just listen to the album. It's only 37 mins.

Subvision - Scenario

Subvision - Room 611

Subvision - Son of May

This one sounds just like a song his other band would do. Even has words in the lyrics which is a title of a song they have :P

Subvision - So Far So Noir Full Album

For anyone who has Spotify, you can listen to them here. You can also add me if you like! This is my profile 11138078821 I think... I'm not sure how to link my profile ha! Let me know if it works anyhow.

So what do you think of Subvision? Did you listen to the whole album? If not we can't be friends.
Thanks for reading! :D

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