Halloween Home Decor - Etsy Finds #3

5 Oct 2015

I haven't been on Etsy very much recently. I think it's mainly because I want to buy all the things and don't really have the money for that right now. Of course that doesn't stop me from buying all the Halloween stuff :P The other thing was I noticed that shipping has gone up quite a bit. I don't know if it's something to do with living in Ireland or if Etsy's policies changed or what but awhile back anything nice I spotted ended up too expensive with shipping.

But this is a wishlist and I'm going to include everything I love and when I do have the money someday I'll buy them all :P

I have two previous posts up already with some amazing pieces! Halloween Esty Find #1 and Halloween Etsy Finds #2.

Last year I done home decor first and then jewellery/clothing so I'll stick with that theme. First up lovely stuff for your spooky home :)

How amazing are these Frankenstein Flowerpots?  I have not seen anything like these before! Sadly they're sold and the seller seems to be on holiday but it does say they're made to order!

I really think I need to buy this amazing rolling pin as soon as possible. I mean, just look at that!! A bat rolling pin. I neeeed!

I really love this strange little pumpkin candle holder! How cute and unique?! The same Etsy seller has these amazing witch leg bookmarks! :D

Just brilliant! :D And how cute is this pumpkin house?!

I want to buy all her things!

I really want to buy lots of these hanging decorations for a Halloween/Christmas tree! I think they would look so cute :)

A good Halloween home isn't the same without a candle burning. I really want to know what this Sleepy Hollow candle smells like!

How adorable are these little ghost candles?! The cute!

I love these hand painted mugs, they have a Tim Burton vibe about them!

There are so many amazing home decor related items on Etsy that I could be here all day posting them for you! Those are just come of my favourites. Anymore I find I do post into my Halloween list on Etsy which you can view here!

Like anything that I've mentioned? Be sure to tell me know in the comments and keep an eye out for another Halloween Etsy Finds coming soon! Thanks for reading :)

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