Silicone Ghost iPhone 4S Case Review + Buying Guide

2 Oct 2015

I've spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect phone case for my iPhone. I see such lovely ones on ASOS and other sites but for ridiculous prices that I just can not find it in me to pay for. Unless of course it was unique and you're not going to find it anywhere else. But a lot of the time these phone cases can actually be found other places and for a hell of a lot lower prices. Same with jewellery.

Two of my favourite places to search for iPhone cases is eBay and Aliexpress. They have super cheap cases on there although you do have to wait up to a month or even longer for the item which doesn't bother me much seeing as the item is so cheap.

I first actually saw this phone case on someones Instagram and they said they got it on eBay I think. It's on both eBay and I just done a quick search on Aliexpress and this is the cheapest I could find. But if you search around you might find it even cheaper. That one I linked is just over €3 and I've seen them on other sites for €20! Also note that prices will vary on the model of phone you have. I have noticed that 4 and 4s covers and cases are becoming less and less available now. Like there is this amazing Baymax cover I want so bad but it's only available for newer iPhones. Boo.

On eBay I could only find the Ghost case for iPhone 4s here and it's a bit more expensive at €7. But for newer versions it's cheaper at about €4-€5. I do find Aliexpress better price wise.

I search "Silicone Ghost iPhone" Or "Silicone Ghost iPhone Case" it also helps to put in the model of your phone but not always. Sometimes you might find more available just searching the first simple one. Also while I was searching for that I found this amazing No Face from Spirited Away iPhone Case.

This is a perfect example of how you should search as many different names and descriptions as possible. No Face is from the Studio Ghibli animated film Spirited Away which I highly recommend you watch, but on this eBay sale there is no mention of that. I found it searching "Silicone Ghost iPhone" and the name they have given it in the listing is "Ghost Monster".  There is actually quite a lot of them in that search. This one being the cheapest but not available for iPhone 4S. He's also available under that same search on Aliexpress. I've seen the same with Totoro phone cases, sometimes he's under "Cartoon Bear" or even "Cat iPhone Case".  I even found these cute Monsters Inc cases by searching "Cartoon Bear iPhone".

Just to show you the size! Also got that WITCH hat on eBay or Aliexpress for a couple of euros!

So this was meant to be a short review on the super cute perfect for Halloween Ghost iPhone Case but ended up as a bit of a guide to buying phone cases. I hope it helped someone anyhow. If you find a phone case you like, it never hurts to head to eBay or Aliexpress and see can you get it cheaper. A lot of the time you can find alternatives. I know a site that's selling these Bluey Green Shell iPhone cases for a lot more than €4 ;) Those Boys Tears ones are all over Aliexpress as well!

The Ghost Phone Case I have is so great. I think some people might find it bulky but I like the bulkiness. Its great to hold and the silicone means it doesn't slide around on surfaces. The only down side was the pumpkin fell off! Well it was kind of my fault. It's not meant for pockets. Jean pockets anyhow. It got stuck in them and when I pulled too hard the poor pumpkin came off. I have since glued it back on and it's fine though! It's one of my favourite phone cases and perfect for this time of year! Oh and did I mention, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Yessssss! :D

Let me know if you get one for yourself or any of the others mentioned or if this post helped you at all with looking for your perfect phone case without breaking the bank!

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