3 Movies You Should Watch This Halloween #3

16 Oct 2015

I've hear so much about this around Halloween every year. It seems to be a lot of peoples childhood favourite movie along with Hocus Pocus. Steve and I only got around to watching it last year I think. It was a book first by Ray Bradbury and then made into an animated movie. It's about four friends who are going trick or treating when one of their friends falls ill who they must try and save while learning about the origins of their Halloween costumes. I'm making it sound more confusing than it is haha! Definitely worth the watch even if you're an adult. I loved this one. Also the late great Leonard Nimoy does a voice in it.

This is one I need to rewatch again soon. A group of friends must stop Dracula and his monster friends from taking over their hometown. This is another one I wish I'd watched when I was a kid! Tom Noonan plays Frankenstien's Monster! We love Tom Noonan. He's in everything.

Tony moves to Scotland with his parents and his life is miserable. He then befriends a vampire boy named Rudolph! This one I remember watching when I was younger. I loved it so much! I watched it over and over and it's still one of my favourite movies now! :D Lots of familiar faces in this including Fitz in Agents of Shield!

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