Halloween Accessories - Etsy Finds #4

10 Oct 2015

There is an endless amount of jewellery, clothes, fashion, etc. on Etsy and I could have shown an endless list! As always I add anything Halloween related to my Halloween Etsy List here but in this blog post I'm just showing some of my favourites I found :)

This Etsy seller has some amazing necklaces! This was my favourite and perfect for the Halloween season. A Universal Monsters themed necklace. There is two different styles to choose from but I loved the bat and coffins.

One of my all time favourite movies and perfect to watch around this time of year is The Craft. I really want this amazing necklace so bad!

Who doesn't remember watching Goosebumps as a kid and now as an adult?! :D This hat will keep the goosebumps away on those cold autumn days! See what I did there? :P
I am obsessed with this amazing skirt!!! I need it in my life. How perfect is it for around Halloween time?! I just cannot stop looking at it.

It glows in the dark you guys! :D

Another amazing seller on Etsy who makes these super cute Horror movie necklaces! Look at the little bows! :D

Whimsyofinsanity is also known as TheGothicAlice on YouTube. She does incredible videos on horror, goth culture, films, music and her fantastic DIY videos. She sells some of the amazing art she makes including jackets she paints on and modifies. Just look at this amazing From Dusk Til Dawn jacket! I want it so bad! She makes completely unique art on jackets so if you buy from her nobody else will have the same jacket. Just amazing!

 In love with this bat necklace.

I remember when I was a kid at Halloween getting those rubber witch fingers, who remember the weird smell they had? This amazing brooch reminds me of them! 

And finally (because I could be here all day), would you just look at these hats?! GAH! I can't get over them. So amazing. The Etsy seller has a whole load of different ones and colours so do be sure to check them out! Although they're very expensive but they look so well made and I've never seen anything like them anywhere else. So witchy but also very The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings! Black Hat & Rust Hat.

You can find my Halloween Home Decor Etsy Finds from this year here and last years Halloween Etsy Finds #1 and Halloween Etsy Finds #2.

Will you be buying any amazing Halloween accessories mentioned in this post?! Let me know in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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