3 Movies You Should Watch This Halloween #2

9 Oct 2015


Witchy, gothy, 90's awesomeness that you all need to see and I'm sure you've seen already ;) 

I feel like this one is a more grown up version of The Craft. Still excellent, witchy and looks so beautiful! I want that house so bad and I heard they actually build it for the film and knocked it down after! The sadness! Starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock it's about two sisters, a curse that's upon their family, Goran Visnjic who is an ass and Aidan Quinn who is much nicer. There is lots of other familiar faces in there too including a very young Evan Rachel Wood.

I'll leave you with the darkest and goriest of the lot. While this film is from 2000 it definitely feels like a 90's film. Starring Katharine Isabelle as Ginger who gets bitten by a werewolf while her sister Brigette tries to keep her under control. Lots of death and gore, perfect for Halloween! :D

For more films you should watch this Halloween, don't forget to head over to my first post! Will you be watching any of the films mentioned? Let me know!
Another 3 coming next Friday.
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