Alternative Curves: Riot Grrl Heroines

3 Aug 2015

"That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood
She's got the hottest trike in town
That girl she holds her head up so high
I think I want to be her best friend, yeah"

January's Alternative Curves theme was Riot Grrl Heroines and because it's so awesome I had to go back and do it even though I'm months too late.

If I'm honest I don't actually remember when I first came across the whole Riot Grrl scene. I think it could have been both when I got into Nirvana (who led me to Hole, L7, Babes of Toyland etc.) and Black Flag, well mainly Henry Rollins talking about Bikini Kill, 7 Year Bitch, Lunachicks and more. It would have been around the time I learned more about Feminism as well. Women playing loud angry punk musics and singing about women's rights? Hell yeah that's my kinda thing!

The Riot Grrl fashion in my opinion was basically just wear whatever the hell you wanted to wear which included flannel, denim, boots, dresses, flowery things and messy hair and makeup (if any at all!).

I went for a skirt as I thought it was feminine but combined with everything else still looks edgy and punk.

I think I got this denim shirt in New Look. When I got it I knew I had to add some patches. I still actually have a few more to add to it. I think the "Everybody's too Stupid" patch works so perfect for this look as well as the Enid brooch and "I can't relate to 99% of humanity" patch below, all from Ghost World of course.

Princess Bumblegum pin, I would very much consider her a Riot Grrl! :P The bat pin I made myself.

Steve Intermission! He's telling me how to pose :P

How amazing are these X Files earrings? They came to mind for this look as I think Dana Scully is one of the best female characters out there. My choker is from Aliexpress, I got a pack of 5 for about €2!

How amazing are my skeleton socks?! I got them in a shop in St Georges Arcade in Dublin. My amazing Doc's were a present from my boyfriend. I love them so much!

Denim shirt: New Look
Nirvana Tee: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Leggings: Penneys/Primark
Socks: St Georges Arcade in Dublin
Docs: Present from my boyfriend
Enid Brooch: Etsy
Patches: Etsy
Bat Brooch: DIY
Princess Bumblegum Pin: HMV 
X Files Earrings: Etsy
Choker: Aliexpress
Lipstick: NYX Alabama Matte

Thanks to Steve for taking all the photos! He's getting better at it :P He took some photos of me with my Instax Mini and I just love the two photos that came out! They have a great 90's vibe!

If you're interested in doing Alternative Curves yourself you can view their Facebook group here for updates or you can follow them on Alternative Curves Instagram.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! :D

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