Alternative Curves: Alter Ego

19 Jul 2015

Furi-Asha is what Steve likes to call me or Ash Dangerfox for some reason! :P I haven't been around much lately because of computer problems. Damn computers. I have one up and running now so I'm excited to get back to my blogging. I missed out on lots of Alternative Curves posts (I actually hope to do some of the past themes in future even though they're over cos they're just so damn awesome) but decided to jump right back in with this months theme "Alter Ego". At first when I thought of alter ego "does it have to be someone completely different to me? Do I need to be the opposite of myself?" Then I gave it a google just to see the proper definition:

"a person's secondary or alternative personality. "
"in the flesh she is a million miles from her photographic alter ego"

But then all that made me think of was the person I actually want to be. Not that I'm totally unhappy with myself but I do choose not to wear certain clothes and makeup because of being judged or talked about negatively by others. I have very bad anxiety and doubt myself constantly and just don't feel good most of the time.

"Where does she think she's going dressed like that?" "She's too fat to wear that" "eww" "other nasty comments"

Those thoughts ran through my head as I put this outfit together. I said it to my boyfriend Steve and he just tells me to shut up and put on the clothes and that I look awesome and fuck what everyone else thinks. FUCK 'EM (need to find that Christopher Walken Seven Psychopaths clip).  Thank you Steve.

So who is my alter ego? Well I've always ALWAYS wanted to do this with my makeup. I remember seeing it on the internet years ago and for the life of me I can't remember where. You also see similar makeup like this in movies, Blade Runner and Mad Max come to mind. Mad Max was one of the main reasons. My boyfriend and I seen it in the cinema 5 times cos we're cool like that. I shaved my green (well it was purple at the time) mohawk for many reasons but one of them was Furiosa, I'm not gonna lie.

Badass, I wanna look badass. With that makeup and those clothes, who would dare mess with me?! I want to make sure nobody's going to say anything negative about me other than "Oh shit we better leave" or "She's super awesome and we should be friends" :D

To look awesome and be sure of myself mainly. To wear the clothes I want. To wear the makeup I want and not second guess my fashion or style decisions. My alter ego would have no problem being who she wants to be.

Intermission: Steve attack! He's the most bootiful.

Having green or any coloured hair clashes horribly with so much clothes. I was getting frustrated that I couldn't buy neutral colours without the coloured hair taking over. Don't get me wrong I love coloured hair but for now my style has changed and I'm going with it. I bought some new clothes which I hope to do future outfit posts with and I bought this amazing leather vest. I was actually on the hunt for a leather jacket but ended up trying this on in H&M and it was so much nicer than any of the leather jackets there. It had to be mine. Another amazing thing is that vest is a size 14. Obviously it won't close as I'm a size 18-20 but it fits perfect everywhere else. H&M's sizes have really surprised me.

The amazing flowy, grey dress is from H&M as well and it's a size Medium! Whhhhhat?! I saw it on the rails and I was raging there was no size Large so I just tried on the Medium and it fit perfect. See? H&M amazing sizes. I say the large would fit a 20-26 cos this Medium would even fit a 24. It's just so stretchy, loose and hangs so perfect.

My leggings are also from H&M (I'm just a walking advertisement for H&M) but seriously H&M are brilliant and I had no idea they had such great stuff and in super sizes. Those leggings are XL and while they fit me they're actually miles too big for me. So if you're looking for 20, 24, 26+ size leggings I'm really sure these will fit. I have since bought a size large and they're perfect and don't dig in or anything. The quality is great as well. I find things don't stick to them bad and they're soft.

My Ankh earrings I made myself and if you want a pair they're about €5, just leave me a comment! I have an earring cuff from penneys which I got in a pack of 3 or 4 for 50c. My bracelets are also from Penneys in sales for like 50c each. Go Penneys. My skull necklace is from I think. It was awhile ago! My boots are Doc Martens for stomping around.

What I'm wearing:
Leather Vest: H&M
Dress: H&M 
Leggings: H&M
Necklace: (I think)
Ear Cuff and Bracelets: Penneys/Primark
Ankh Earrings: Made them myself
Boots: Doc Martens

On my face: 
Black eyeshadow and eyeliner: Rimmel
Foundation: Vichy Dermablend Correction Concealer Stick Thing, Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream
Lips: Sleep Matt Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit
Eyebrows: HD Brows and some cheap ass clear brow gel
Contour: Seventeen Define and Contour Kit

Before I go, how awesome is the location? We stopped in a village called Taghshinny which isn't too far from where I live. There is a couple of old buildings right in the middle of the village. It's sad but makes for great location when taking photos!

Thanks to Steve for taking all the photos! And making me get out of the car when I didn't want people to see me and hiding me when cars went past and making me feel better in general :P

If you're interested in doing Alternative Curves yourself you can view their Facebook group here for updates or you can follow them on Alternative Curves Instagram.

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