14 Jan 2016

Happy New Year to the three people who actually read my blog. If for some miraculous reason there is more than three people reading this, Happy New Year to you too! I was hoping to get a blog post up sooner than this but find myself unwell or too busy to even take the photos I need for the posts I want to put up. I will be moving into my own space soon and until then I'm busy, with the help of others, getting it ready. I do find it very hard to do anything blog related when I'm in such a small space at the moment. Oh and lets not forget about the awful, dark, dull, rainy days we get here in Ireland too. It's actually snowing right now.

When I move, I'm hoping to get things with my blog, rolling. I have lots of posts planned and even some videos I want to make. I don't have the best equipment for when it comes to videoing and editing those videos but some of my favourite YouTubers use their webcams or crappy cameras and still manage to produce interesting and awesome content so surely I can do the same!

Grey Hooded Cardigan: H&M, Skeleton Top: New Look, Leggings: Penneys/Primark, Boots: Littlewoods

OK ok, enough rabbiting on. Yesterday I done my makeup, put on some clothes and ended up really liking how it all looked together. I said to Steve would he be able to take some quick photos of me before we lost the light. These are some of the photos he got of me! The photos came out great but the quality isn't the best as the ISO was up pretty high because we had hardy any light, which basically means they're a bit grainy and I noticed they make my foundation look a little cakey. I promise it looked way smoother and nicer than that.

Above are just some photos of the look with my glasses on. I ended up taking them off because of all the raindrops on them (which you can see in the last photo above)! Plus they hid my eye makeup, although this eye makeup and outfit does look well with glasses.

The long grey hooded cardigan thing is from H&M and I searched but can't find it online, sorry! I got this the time I bought a load of awesome grungy, edgy stuff including the dress and leather vest jacket I wore in this post. I love it a lot and wear it loads! It's not super warm though, best for layering or on chilly evenings. Not for when its nearly snowing and in these photos you can actually see my chest going red from the cold! The things I do for blog posts. Shhh.. don't tell Nana.

My skeleton top is from New Look during Halloween last year and isn't available anymore, sadly. It glows in the dark!! I love it.

My foundation is Mac Studio Fix Fluid and it's AMAZING. Well so far anyhow. I will do a review sometime in future I'm sure. On my eyes is two shades from the Limecrime palette "Venus" and on my lips is Limecrime's "Cement" Velvetine. Now I know everyone is completely and totally against Limecrime but to be honest and in my opinion they have great products, I have literally no problems with them and I share the same views about Limecrime that Stephanie Nicole does in this video (starts at 10.22). Totally understand if you don't like them but don't get all angry over some makeup, man! Calm down! You can read more about the scandal's and stuff here, including the whole FDA thing.

Limecrime's Venus palette is amazing, I'm in complete love with it and doing a review post of it is actually one of the many posts I want to get up soon. It's a very red based palette which is perfect if you like your grungy looks. They blend so so well and I will definitely talk about them more in future. In this look I went for an orangey rusty look which I think looks really well with "Cement". Their Velvetines are the only liquid to matt lipsticks that actually stay on my lips for a good while. I don't get the long lastingness like some people do because my lips are ridiculously dry and it does start to fade after awhile but this is the first time I've ever been able to wear anything on my lips for so long. Can't rave about them enough! The colour is an amazing deep grey and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it! I got this along with some other things and the Venus palette on sale around Christmas. It was a freakin' amazing sale. Got some Velvetines for pretty much half price. Delighted. Will have a review of all in future.

My boots are from Littlewoods and the only sale thing I bought from there. I find Littlewoods has gotten so bad over the last few years clothes wise. Especially in the plus size section. Bin bags. Yep. 'Cos no plus size lady has actually got a shape and they certainly don't want anything fitted and not baggy. UGH. Anyhow I was going through the sale and spotted these boots for €17! They're actually still on sale but gone up to €21. Not that I need anymore boots but these have low heels and all my other boots have a bit of a heel so I thought these might be a bit more comfortable. To be honest I can't give a good enough review of them right now because I only wore them once. But I love how they look!

And finally onto my jewellery! The pentagram necklace is from Fashionology.nl a good while back. I added it to a different chain so that it would be a little shorter. My choker I bought in a set of 5 from aliexpress.com for like a euro or something. And the Ankh earrings I made myself and get so many compliments on!

I had to obviously include a photo of Steve, my photographer for the day. He froze his little fingers off and moaned about the cold but got me the shots I wanted, so thanks :P He's currently working on a blog post so head over to his blog to see it when it's up!

I have no idea when I'll have another blog post mainly because of being busy and all that I explained at the beginning but definitley in the next few months I'm hoping to get a bit more frequent with posting! You can follow me on my new facebook page Spooky Ash which I've already started to post to! If you have bloglovin, twitter or instagram you can follow me at those places too for updates :)

Thanks for reading!!

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