22 Mar 2016

When I think of enamel pins the first thing to come to mind are travel pins that people collect or ones with a brand name on them of some company. But lately an amazing thing has been happening, enamel pins are making a big come back in the form of your favourite shows, movies, music, you name it, there is probably a pin for it now.

This has mainly been happening over on Instagram for me. My following count has risen ridiculously because I'm now following so many Enamel Pin accounts and shops! So many beautiful pins!

My first purchase was the above pins of Mulder and Scully from The X-Files by the amazing Robin Eisenberg (Instagram). How could I pass on those?! You can buy separately here but luckily I got them both together in a package deal. I'm so happy with them and I'm delighted I bought them! I've seen other people release similar pins of Mulder and Scully but these still remain my favourite. Just the right mix of cartoonish tones but realistic enough that you know who they are. They're also really good quality so they won't be easily broken. IN LOVE!

I'm not sure how I came across these pins. It may have been one of my followers who liked a photo of them on Instagram or was suggested to me. The pins are of two of my favourite people who are good friends in real life. They are of course Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins. I'm a massive Black Flag, Rollins Band, Minor Threat and Fugazi fan. Very much into my punk bands so this Replacement Dads Pin Pack was an absolute must! And just goes to show you there is pins for pretty much everything now! I think I may even have to do a post on some of my favourite and unique enamel pins that I've come across. Thank you SadTruthSupply for creating this unique pack!

I absolutely love my pins so far and I will definitely be getting more in future. Steve even has a collection started and you all should tell him to make a post like this too.

The down sides to the enamel pins addiction is the shipping. The shipping is a massive problem with some shops and they can be from anywhere, the problem doesn't just occur with US shops but even with UK ones. The shipping can sometimes be the same price or more than the pin itself. I have no idea why this is and it really is ridiculous. I don't blame the shops as postage can be terrible everywhere but I do find it odd that the shipping can vary so much. The two shops above do good shipping and at times will have offers or codes you can use so I will buy from them again in future but Steve and I have come across shops where the shipping is sometimes double the items price and when we contacted the seller they didn't give much help or info as to why it was so much. Just something to be weary of when you spot a pin and fall in love with it only to be heartbroken when you see the shipping price.

I really want to make a board to pin them on and showcase! I can't wait to start wearing them!
Have you any awesome enamel pins yet?! Let me know if you're planning on purchasing some!

Thanks for reading! :)

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